The New Year detox benefits of the trampoline.

Why is trampoline jumping good for you after Christmas?

Because it provides a combination of health and fitness benefits that no other exercise can provide.

 Fun Way of Losing Weight and Keeping Fit

Trampoline jumping is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise with many physical and emotional health benefits. After the festive season, it is a form of safe low impact exercise with the added benefit of being the ideal way to detox with how it works on the lymphatic system of the body.

When you jump on the trampoline, you will also experience a weightless state at the top of the jump, but when you reach the bottom of the jump mat, your body experiences a strong gravitational force that is excellent for muscle strength.

You will burn more calories on the trampoline for an hour than a person jogging will burn in the same timeframe. A trampoline is a form of metabolic exercise, therefore, the weight loss benefits are greater than cardio on its own.

If you rebound at a moderate pace you will not experience breathlessness so you can get moving without stressing yourself out too much or feeling like you are overdoing it. It is after Christmas too so you want to ease into the New Year gently.

Another reason why trampoline jumping is so good for you is because it increases lymphatic flow in the body, this is especially great after the festive season as it will help get rid of toxins in the body, as trampolining is a whole body work out this is ideal. If you jump for 15 minutes a day the detox benefits are huge as with each bounce the shift in gravity affects every muscle and cell in the body.

Here are more additional benefits of trampoline exercise; we will publish more on each one during the month of Jan to help you in in your New Year New You resolutions, remember it is easy to buy a second-hand trampoline or re-furbish a free one with new parts. 

  • Helps to banish cellulite
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Improves the immune system
  • Strengthens bone density
  • Circulates oxygen to the entire body
  • Increases overall energy and is safe and low impact
  • Does not put extra pressure on your legs and feet
  • Improves balance and posture
  • Reduces body fat and increases muscle mass
  • Reduce varicious veins
  • Effective therapy for stomach cramps in woman and combating fatigue

Source : A recent article published in Ezine Articles by Samantha Bilbie called Trampolines and the Benefits of Trampolining declares: Studies by NASA scientists show that rebounding on a trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging and it requires less effort.


Winter Trampolining Guide and Tips

A Trampoline is not just for summer !

Here at Parts for Trampoline’s we like to encourage jumping fun all year round

We love to see children and the grown-ups out on the trampoline in any season, so bundle up and get out for some happy bouncing fun.

There are so many benefits to using the trampoline all year round such as keeping physically active, staying warm and of course if it snows this year  you could always build a snowman to guard the trampoline for you.

Some customers tell us that they dismantle and store the trampoline away for the winter, but some don’t have the space to store it or wish to keep using it all year round, so here are some tips on how you can protect your trampoline for the winter and avoid an excess of weather damage.

  • There are special tie down kits that will anchor the trampoline into the ground to help prevent it from moving during high winds. Wind is the main concern for winter trampoline care as it can cause poles to bend or the entire trampoline can take flight or tumble and could travel in high winds or make its way to a neighbour’s garden ! (see our example pic below)
  • If we do get heavy snow this winter this can build up and cause the springs to stretch so you can avoid this by brushing snow off the jump mat with a sweeping brush, snow itself will not damage the trampoline frame
  • Avoid using a shovel to remove any snow, leaves or debris from the trampoline as this can rip the jump mat
  • You can also purchase a trampoline all weather cover that is a great way of protecting the jump mat, padding and springs (note however you would need to temporary remove your enclosure netting and poles to fit this fully)
  • Be careful when jumping after heavy rain as the mat could become slippery so ensure to wipe the surface dry before allowing jumpers on
  • If using it in cold/wet weather, wear layers of socks and even plastic back in between them to stop the cold coming up into your feet, it works a treat.

To conclude however as our winters are generally quite mild, we see no reason why you and the little ones can not bundle up warm and have some jumping fun.

Keep jumping safely trampoline-in-the-wind-cropped

Remember when the winds do this to your trampoline, we have all the parts to repair it and get you back Jumping Safely

Top things to know if you own a trampoline

Trampolines continue to rise in popularity, and are loved by all including some enthusiastic adults The are a fun and relatively inexpensive way to get your children out into the fresh airs and involved  in some cardiovascular exercise. Thankfully with the inclusion of safety padding, nets to enclose the jumpers in and much stronger poles you can rest assured the trampoline is a safe place for the children to have fun under adult supervision of course


In order to do the utmost to prevent injury there are a number of excellent guidelines on our site and here  are some key things you need to know if you own a trampoline.

Always supervise

As the owner of the trampoline you have the sole responsibility of the children who use it so always inform parents if your child has friends bouncing in your back garden. It is important other parents are made aware and can make their own informed decision about the activity. Children will always be adventurous and want to engage in rough and tumble as is their nature so having a watchful eye at all times is vital

How many should be allowed jump at one time?
This is where taking turns come in to play as the more children bouncing the more they become jumping targets at risk of bumping in to each other. It is important to supervise and allocate turns to the children as to who can jump and who has to wait for their turn. This is a fantastic measure to reduce the risk of injury or accident.

What should I look for when checking the trampoline?
A supervising adult needs to consistently check the trampoline especially after a period of it not being used. Check the springs are connected, that there are no holes in the nets and there are no bent or broken poles or ripped netting. Check the surface is still flat and level so the jumpers can decrease any risk of injury

Should they be allowed bring other toys or do tricks on the trampoline?

Children often like to bring a ball with them onto the trampoline, this can prove dangerous as the ball can escape and become an object that could harm or cause injury as there is very little control over it when the kids are bouncing. In relation to tricks this can be very risky as they may not have the experience to engage in these moves correctly and this could result in a serious injury especially if they land on their neck. It is only advised to allow the children to moves if they are in gymnastics.
It is advisable that children under the age of six are kept away from the trampoline. Small children are still in a development stage and they might not be strong enough to jump or bounce. When older children are on the trampoline this is even more important as they could be bounced around. The ladder is great to discourage small children as it can be unhooked and put away while the trampoline is not in use.

Top Safety Tips for Trampolines

There is nothing children (and some adults of course) like doing more than enjoying some fun jump time on the trampoline. It is even more fantastic when the sun is shining and you can rest assured the parts holding the whole thing together are of good strong quality ensuring the safety of all those using it. Here at Parts for Trampolines we are fully committed to putting your safety first. In order to help you out even more we have compiled a list of advice and safety information that will ease your mind and allow you and your friends and family to have safe secure fun. You can show this simple online tips to the kids too and educate them on trampoline safety before allowing them get jumping.

happy children

  1. It is important to clear the area around the trampoline clear and keep additional objects such as toys etc. a safe distance
  2. A regular inspection of the trampoline parts is necessary to make sure no parts have been damaged or worn, in particular after a harsh winter when the trampoline has not been in use
  3. Children should be under a watchful eye at all times, and younger children strictly supervised.
  4. It is always advisable to keep the area underneath the trampoline free from any activity, such as pets walking etc, Parts for Trampolines safety skirt is an ideal product to prevent dogs or small children entering this part of the trampoline.
  5. The safety net opening at the front of the trampoline should only be used for safe exit and entry and ensure this is zipped up or fastened securely.
  6. Shoes are not recommended on the trampoline jump mat due to the risk of injury and/or damage to the mat
  7. It is important to guide jumpers to the middle of the mat and avoid jumping at the edges.
  8. In order to ensure a safe secure jumping experience place the trampoline on a flat surface where it can be clearly viewed by adults supervision.
  9. Do not use a trampoline without a safety net, to minimise risk of injury
  10. Always use safety padding on the frame to avoid risk of injury It is also very important to note that as the owner of the trampoline you have sole responsibility for all those using the trampoline. Always inform the parents or guardians of a child if they will be using your trampoline so they are aware and can give their permission.

Handy Maintenance Tips for the Trampoline

In order to ensure the safety of everyone using the trampoline and in particular after a long winter or bad weather, we at Parts for Trampolines have gathered a list of handy tips for maintaining the trampoline to the best possible standard to ensure maximum safety and longevity.  It is possible to replace any damaged or weather worn parts  with us so regular checks are essential to assess the condition of the trampoline for safe, interactive fun and any compromised parts can be replaced easily and efficiently with minimum fuss.  The more you care for the trampoline the longer it will last and will need less work to keep it in great condition.

Top Trampoline Maintenance tips:

  1. In order to protect the trampoline during a harsh winter in particular strong winds and rain it is important to move it to a sheltered place and remove all accessories and store them away.
  2. You can purchase an all -weather cover to protect the trampoline during the winter if you are unable to store it away in a dry place
  3. The things to look out for before you begin to use the trampoline again after a period of non-use are, missing or faulty safety padding, broken or bent frames, damaged , rusted or broken springs, any damage to the jump mat especially the stitching, any holes or rips in the netting
  4. Do not place the trampoline frame on concrete or a hard patio area, a grass or soft surface is best in order to decrease pressure to the frame.
  5. Be sure to check the weight restrictions on the trampoline in order to minimise frame damage.
  6. Do not drag a trampoline as this will bend the frame and legs instead lift it ensuring you have plenty of help.
  7. Ensure the safety padding is loosely placed above the springs and not forced down onto them to avoid ripping the pads.
  8. Remove the padding in bad weather to keep it out of the rain and win and avoid damage
  9. It is important to check the jump mat and springs to ensure the trampoline is in good working condition, remove and objects that may have been left.
  10. Do not allow any jumping on the trampoline if you notice any missing springs, or if they are worn in any way, check the stitching also for fraying
  11. The safety net should have no rips, holes or damage in any way, if you see fraying or loose stitching do not allow any jumping until it is replaced
  12. The trampoline should only be entered and exited using the net opening and should be fully zipped up or fastened after accessing the trampoline
  13. In the winter it is advisable to remove the netting and store it away to keep it from being damaged by bad weather
  14. Do not allow children or jumpers to rebound off the net, sit on it or stretch it

Here at Parts for Trampolines we are more than happy to talk you and advise on how to best care for your trampoline and prevent any excess damage.