Spring free trampolines Versus Trampolines with Springs

What are Springless Trampolines ?

Springless trampolines use alternate materials like bungee cord and fibreglass instead of steel spring coils for the bounce to try and reduce the costs of manufacturing trampolines.

But are they any good, better or worse, which is safer, which will last longer, what are the pros and cons of of steel spring trampolines and springless trampolines.

This great info-graphic from Oz Trampolines Blog explains clearly the the differences of traditional trampolines with springs versus the alternate option of spring-free trampolines that use fiber glass rods for the bounce.

spring free trampolines infographic differences with spring trampolines

Credit for Infographic – the team at Oz Trampolines

Conclusion ?

Its is hard to see the benefits of the spring-free trampoline, the concept seems like a good idea there appears to be a reduction in the places a trampoline user can potential hurt themselves while bouncing, however the fiber glass could shatter causing injury and other issue are not yet known as they are relatively new.  Weather damage to the spring-less trampolines including UV damage seems more likely with those than with the spring trampolines.  Also the traditional steel spring trampoline definitely seems proven to give a superior bounce for the user and the individual parts can clearly be replaced which is uncertain on the spring-free trampolines as yet.

Interesting to watch this space though to see if their popularity increases or not and how the users find their longevity, reliability and bounce value to the user is rated as time goes on.