Spring free trampolines Versus Trampolines with Springs

What are Springless Trampolines ?

Springless trampolines use alternate materials like bungee cord and fibreglass instead of steel spring coils for the bounce to try and reduce the costs of manufacturing trampolines.

But are they any good, better or worse, which is safer, which will last longer, what are the pros and cons of of steel spring trampolines and springless trampolines.

This great info-graphic from Oz Trampolines Blog explains clearly the the differences of traditional trampolines with springs versus the alternate option of spring-free trampolines that use fiber glass rods for the bounce.

spring free trampolines infographic differences with spring trampolines

Credit for Infographic – the team at Oz Trampolines

Conclusion ?

Its is hard to see the benefits of the spring-free trampoline, the concept seems like a good idea there appears to be a reduction in the places a trampoline user can potential hurt themselves while bouncing, however the fiber glass could shatter causing injury and other issue are not yet known as they are relatively new.  Weather damage to the spring-less trampolines including UV damage seems more likely with those than with the spring trampolines.  Also the traditional steel spring trampoline definitely seems proven to give a superior bounce for the user and the individual parts can clearly be replaced which is uncertain on the spring-free trampolines as yet.

Interesting to watch this space though to see if their popularity increases or not and how the users find their longevity, reliability and bounce value to the user is rated as time goes on.


Winter Trampolining Guide and Tips

A Trampoline is not just for summer !

Here at Parts for Trampoline’s we like to encourage jumping fun all year round

We love to see children and the grown-ups out on the trampoline in any season, so bundle up and get out for some happy bouncing fun.

There are so many benefits to using the trampoline all year round such as keeping physically active, staying warm and of course if it snows this year  you could always build a snowman to guard the trampoline for you.

Some customers tell us that they dismantle and store the trampoline away for the winter, but some don’t have the space to store it or wish to keep using it all year round, so here are some tips on how you can protect your trampoline for the winter and avoid an excess of weather damage.

  • There are special tie down kits that will anchor the trampoline into the ground to help prevent it from moving during high winds. Wind is the main concern for winter trampoline care as it can cause poles to bend or the entire trampoline can take flight or tumble and could travel in high winds or make its way to a neighbour’s garden ! (see our example pic below)
  • If we do get heavy snow this winter this can build up and cause the springs to stretch so you can avoid this by brushing snow off the jump mat with a sweeping brush, snow itself will not damage the trampoline frame
  • Avoid using a shovel to remove any snow, leaves or debris from the trampoline as this can rip the jump mat
  • You can also purchase a trampoline all weather cover that is a great way of protecting the jump mat, padding and springs (note however you would need to temporary remove your enclosure netting and poles to fit this fully)
  • Be careful when jumping after heavy rain as the mat could become slippery so ensure to wipe the surface dry before allowing jumpers on
  • If using it in cold/wet weather, wear layers of socks and even plastic back in between them to stop the cold coming up into your feet, it works a treat.

To conclude however as our winters are generally quite mild, we see no reason why you and the little ones can not bundle up warm and have some jumping fun.

Keep jumping safely trampoline-in-the-wind-cropped

Remember when the winds do this to your trampoline, we have all the parts to repair it and get you back Jumping Safely

Replacing Trampoline Parts couldn’t be easier

So we had another Irish winter with wild winds and tumultuous conditions and it seems that many of the family trampolines bore the brunt of the worst of the weather, Our customers have been regaling us with stories of trampoline casualties that involved ripped nets, broken and bent poles and in some cases the entire trampoline took flight and ended up in a different place to where it first began.

Did anything this dramatic happen to you?

Trampoline in the wind

Well the good news is that the sun is shining again and the kids are eager to get back jumping and enjoying themselves on the trampoline. The even better news is that here at Parts for Trampolines we can solve your problem of restoring the trampoline back to its former glory without you having to go to the expense of purchasing a brand new one, or disposing of the one you have that may only need a small bit of work.
We can replace damaged and ripped safety nets, poles, jump mats, covers, frames, ladders, springs and accessories. If you are unsure of the size of your trampoline we are more than happy to offer you advice on how to measure and how to install your new parts. We are a fully owned, Irish Company based in Gorey, Co Wexford and delighted to talk to you. As most trampolines come in universal sizes the parts will fit from a 10ft to 14ft trampoline and we can get your parts to you with next day delivery.

children jumping

The trampoline is a fantastic way for the children (and adults) to have fun in the sun, it is and excellent form of exercise burning 407 calories an hour, and even the pets love it as we have seen by the hilarious videos we receive of dogs jumping and even birds and dogs together in some cases. Keep an eye on our Facebook page where we are always publishing funny and interesting stories about all things trampoline related.

This month we ran a fantastic competition that saw one luck winner Rachel Kavanagh from Waterford, win a free family pass to Fota Wildlife Park and we received just under two thousand entries, thank you all for entering. We will be running more competitions on our social media over the summer for additional great family prizes and a super chance to treat everyone to a summer outing along with  coupons for free shipping and great discounts on replacement parts.

We are so excited to be appearing on  Today FM The Sunday Business Show on June 5th at 9.30am to talk all about Parts for Trampolines and how it all began. So please do tune it


We love people sending in their trampoline photos and videos so please feel free to send them on in and we will publish them on our page.