5 Ways of Upcycling your Trampoline Frame

Upcycling is a trend that has exploded in the last decade due to people being more conscientious of waste. Upcycling represents a variety of processes, which change “old” products into a “new” product that has a different purpose, subsequently giving the product a reincarnation beyond its original purpose. In other words, upcycling is about materials or items that get to be re-adapted and/or re-purposed in a creative way, therefore creating an extended lifespan.

Trampolines are the perfect products to upcycle, due to their size, and simplicity of design. When unassembled, they are mostly different length metal poles that fit perfectly into one another. Partsfortrampolines.com makes it possible to fix and extend your trampoline’s life, but sometimes trampolines can be slightly beyond repair. For those occasions, we have listed and explained the 5 best way to upcycle your trampoline.

Swimming Pool

A great upcycling use of old frame and the jump mat could be used on ground under also is to make a low cost swimming pool from the frame structure, makes a fantastic reasonably deep pool on larger trampolines and an ideal paddling pool on smaller structures. There are many videos on youtube and other channels showing some methods to do this, we think this is one good example although may not be in your native language the visual gives enough information and is delivered quickly with sped up video to give good basis of understanding how to achieve this. If you have a trampoline cover this could be handy for stropping leaves and insects etc gathering on it when not in use.


Another thing that is more of a long term product, is an Arbor. An Arbor is something that is used as a feature of the landscape, that is often used to grow climbing plants onto. In the picture below, we can see that they used their trampoline to act as a shade cover to a seating area. Once the plant grows over the poles this will look perfect, very innovative, and a great use of unused poles.

Trampoline Arbor
An upcycled repurposed trampoline.
Grow Tunnel

Staying on the topic of horticulture, this crafty person reused their trampoline frame into a grow house. With a small bit of wood and plastic covering, they were able to create a grow house for their garden. Extremely crafty way of using the trampoline frame to create support for the grow house!

An upcycled repurposed trampolone.
An upcycled repurposed trampoline being used as a grow house.

If this seems a bit too complicated, the trampoline frame can also be propped up against the wall, and used a pot hanging frame; as pictured below.

Trampoline frame used as a flower pot hanger.
Hen Coop

A secure hen coop is essential for keeping your hens safe if you want to have them in your garden. A large hen enclosure can be quite costly, but this clever upcycle of a presumably unused trampoline is a good way of avoiding that cost. The hens can live happily within the boundary of the wired in trampoline, and the mat serves the purpose of a sunshade if you’re in a hot country.

An upcycled repurposed trampoline being used as a hen coop.
An upcycled repurposed trampoline being used as a hen coup.
Movie Screen

This requires a projector, but a spraypainted trampoline propped up against a tree can make a perfect movie screen for an outdoor showing. It could even be used to show images to family and friends from a recent holiday or event.

An upcycled repurposed trampoline being used as a projector screen.
An upcycled repurposed trampoline being used as a projector screen.

These are all undeniably great ideas, in comparison to leaving your trampoline dormant in your garden or dumping it. We would always urge people to replace broken parts rather than buying a new trampoline to circumvent unnecessary waste and expenditure.

Create an outdoor seat

How about an outdoor sSwinging bed from trampolineeat, you can use the old trampoline frame ring, the trampoline bounce mat and trampoline springs. The trampoline frame can be covered in soft padding and the whole trampoline mat is covered with a sheet. The frame is suspended from the ceiling by strong rope to make a large suspended swinging bed or relaxation area. Wow!! Yes please

Add a garden feature

Trampolines are excellent for creating round shaped, semi-enclosed gardens.  Simply flip it over and attach and wrap wire fencing around all but one or two sets of legs, chicken wire or similar works well. The idea is to leave one or two openings for an entry/exit point or both entry and exit points. Plant a favorite vine and train to grow along the wire. This will eventually “enclose” the garden. The springs provide natural plant pots. The spaces between them are perfect for adding colorful plants such as  ferns. You can also add a bird bath if you so wish.  Brilliant idea !!

trampoline as a garden

Create a vertical garden space

You can use an old rectangle trampoline to create a vertical garden. Just remove the legs and hand it up against a wooden fence, maybe cover it  with a bamboo screen and hang plants all over it – ones which don’t need soil to grow.  You can cut small holes in the trampoline and wire them in place to a wire mesh attached behind the trampoline.

Make a handy kneeling pad for gardening

You can use the pads round the side to make into a kneeling pad for gardening, or a few panels of it stuck together at the sides for a nice squashy mat for the garden.

Turn your old trampoline into a Hen enclosure

You can use an old trampoline frame as a movable hen enclosure. Just use the circular frame and cable tie chicken wire around it, two people can easily lift. You can put the hen house outside and just poke one end in through a gap in the wire, leaving the egg laying section outside the enclosure for easy collection. Wonderful ! We love this one!