5 Reasons to Gamify your Trampoline

Following the recent product launch of the JumpGames, we thought it would be a great opportunity to explore the idea of gamifying your trampoline.

Boy Jumping on Trampoline, wearing the JumpGames Set.

Following the recent product launch of the JumpGames, we thought it would be a great opportunity to explore the idea of gamifying your trampoline. Gamifying may sound like a made-up word, but trust us, it isn’t. Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles to a non-game context, such as your trampoline.

JumpGames Set on display, showing Giveaway prize.

To celebrate the launch, we’re also giving away a JumpGames Set, to enter you simply have to head over to our Facebook, and comment below.

Giveaway prize, showing the JumpGames Set.

JumpGames, the new product from North Trampolines, can turn your trampolines into an outdoor gaming destination. You can play alone, play it with friends, or challenge yourself against the world as you level up and improve your score. The JumpGames sound effects, commentary, and music will get you jumping like never before. It is like being inside a game, but being outside enjoying all the benefits that come with physical movement outdoors.

If you’re still wondering why anyone would want to add more technology into their kid’s lives, we have explained 5 benefits of gamifying your trampolines with the JumpGames.

1. Movement Helps Brain Function

Exercise has been referred to as “Miracle-Gro for the brain”, due to the role that it plays in stimulating nerve growth factors. Many studies have suggested that regular physical activity will support child brain development by improving memory, concentration, and yield a positive outlook. Research has also found that kids that partook in some form of exercise before school started, were less distracted and more attentive to their schoolwork.

2. Children Already Spend a Lot of Time on Devices

The reality of 2020 is that screen time is a huge element of almost everyone’s life. We all spend hours watching Netflix, playing games, sitting in front of a computer, and on our phones. We are instinctively more appalled by this, when kids are the victims of it. Studies show that kids spend on average 60 hours a week consuming media, while less than 60 minutes are spent playing outside. Or more shockingly, most kids spend less time outside than prison inmates. With JumpGames, we are not aiming to replace that digital connection, but rather replace the screen time with outdoor exercise. It isn’t about attempting to get rid of something that is so deeply ingrained in the child’s life, but rather substitute it for something they will equally enjoy.

3.  We Want Kids to Be Outside and Active

Everyone knows the amazing health benefits of being outside and active regularly. Regular physical activity improves strength and endurance, helps build bone and muscles, and can even help reduce anxiety and stress. All of this is at its utmost importance during a child’s developmental years, which is why we believe so strongly in the products we sell. The JumpGames set is a perfect complimentary item to both a trampoline that is a big hit with your kids, but also for a trampoline that has become a somewhat forgotten garden ornament.

4. We are Embracing Technology

Accepting the reality of the role technology is playing in kids’ lives, is the first step in trying to remedy the issues that arise with it. There is certainly an issue that that most kids would rather move their fingers on a device to watch other kids do something on YouTube, than they would actually move their own legs. We understand that kids are growing up in a digitally saturated world, so instead of fighting to get kids off technology, we want them to go outside with it.

5. It is a Way of Involving the Whole Family

JumpGames is not only for kids, it also comes with an adult sized band which can be enjoyed by someone of any age. The whole essay writing service family can join in on the fun by engaging in a competition with JumpGames. For adults, it can help you get fit without leaving your house, joining expensive gyms, or going for grueling runs.

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