What makes our Super Premium Padding so good?

We have noticed over the last few years, that our Super Premium Paddings are our signature product. Because of this, we feel that they deserve a blog post to explain what exactly makes them so “Super Premium”.

To begin, we would briefly like to explain why padding is so important when owning a trampoline. The first and most important reason for good padding is so children can not hurt themselves if they jump on the edge of the trampoline. Without padding, the child may land on the hard metal frame, and injure themselves. They also could land on or fall through the trampoline springs.

The padding also serves the purpose of covering and protecting the springs. The padding will slow down the weathering process on the springs, which in turn will increase the longevity of your trampoline. The frame of the trampolines is the most important part structurally, and our padding will cover this, which in turn will increase longevity.

For these two reasons, we feel the padding is a very important and often overlooked element to the trampoline. Due to this, some manufacturers seem to try to cut costs on this element of the trampoline. We have seen some padding with foam in the middle that is as thin as 5mm and covered in a material that you could push your finger through.

Super Premium Padding
Super Premium Padding

To try and combat this common issue, we have had our padding made to custom specifications of higher quality covering on the bottom than most manufacturers use on top of the padding. We use 550 PVC on the top layer, and 350 PVC on the bottom layer, this sandwiches 25mm of high-quality foam.

We also made sure that our padding would be made to fit all circular trampolines, which many padding does not. We made sure our padding was large enough to cover 9″ springs, which are found on higher-end brands such as Berg. We currently offer these pads in sizes of 8ft, 10ft, 11ft, 12ft, 12.5ft, 13ft, 14ft, 15ft, and 16ft. Most sizes are available in both blue or green but are subject to availability. 

Another issue that we found in other padding is that the padding comes loose while on the trampoline. The ties that come with many are often not enough to hold it, the wind gets under it and lifts it up or it gets pulled away from jumpers use. We have addressed this by not only having ties that secure the trampoline underneath but also added a pull paper writers cord through the outside rim of it that can be tightened under the frame after the pad is fitted.

Super Premium Padding
Super Premium Padding

Through a combination of trying other suppliers paddings and listening to issues our customers have had over the years, we have refined and changed our trampoline padding to address these issues to a point where we feel our padding deserves the title of “Super Premium”. But don’t just take our word for it, read a sample of the product reviews here: https://bit.ly/3fBcVEg.

If you would like to see or purchase any of our padding, you can do so here: https://bit.ly/2CFv1GE

Also, here is a handy diagram to help you measure your trampoline for the padding:

5 Ways of Upcycling your Trampoline Frame

Upcycling is a trend that has exploded in the last decade due to people being more conscientious of waste. Upcycling represents a variety of processes, which change “old” products into a “new” product that has a different purpose, subsequently giving the product a reincarnation beyond its original purpose. In other words, upcycling is about materials or items that get to be re-adapted and/or re-purposed in a creative way, therefore creating an extended lifespan.

Trampolines are the perfect products to upcycle, due to their size, and simplicity of design. When unassembled, they are mostly different length metal poles that fit perfectly into one another. Partsfortrampolines.com makes it possible to fix and extend your trampoline’s life, but sometimes trampolines can be slightly beyond repair. For those occasions, we have listed and explained the 5 best way to upcycle your trampoline.

Swimming Pool

A great upcycling use of old frame and the jump mat could be used on ground under also is to make a low cost swimming pool from the frame structure, makes a fantastic reasonably deep pool on larger trampolines and an ideal paddling pool on smaller structures. There are many videos on youtube and other channels showing some methods to do this, we think this is one good example although may not be in your native language the visual gives enough information and is delivered quickly with sped up video to give good basis of understanding how to achieve this. If you have a trampoline cover this could be handy for stropping leaves and insects etc gathering on it when not in use.


Another thing that is more of a long term product, is an Arbor. An Arbor is something that is used as a feature of the landscape, that is often used to grow climbing plants onto. In the picture below, we can see that they used their trampoline to act as a shade cover to a seating area. Once the plant grows over the poles this will look perfect, very innovative, and a great use of unused poles.

Trampoline Arbor
An upcycled repurposed trampoline.
Grow Tunnel

Staying on the topic of horticulture, this crafty person reused their trampoline frame into a grow house. With a small bit of wood and plastic covering, they were able to create a grow house for their garden. Extremely crafty way of using the trampoline frame to create support for the grow house!

An upcycled repurposed trampolone.
An upcycled repurposed trampoline being used as a grow house.

If this seems a bit too complicated, the trampoline frame can also be propped up against the wall, and used a pot hanging frame; as pictured below.

Trampoline frame used as a flower pot hanger.
Hen Coop

A secure hen coop is essential for keeping your hens safe if you want to have them in your garden. A large hen enclosure can be quite costly, but this clever upcycle of a presumably unused trampoline is a good way of avoiding that cost. The hens can live happily within the boundary of the wired in trampoline, and the mat serves the purpose of a sunshade if you’re in a hot country.

An upcycled repurposed trampoline being used as a hen coop.
An upcycled repurposed trampoline being used as a hen coup.
Movie Screen

This requires a projector, but a spraypainted trampoline propped up against a tree can make a perfect movie screen for an outdoor showing. It could even be used to show images to family and friends from a recent holiday or event.

An upcycled repurposed trampoline being used as a projector screen.
An upcycled repurposed trampoline being used as a projector screen.

These are all undeniably great ideas, in comparison to leaving your trampoline dormant in your garden or dumping it. We would always urge people to replace broken parts rather than buying a new trampoline to circumvent unnecessary waste and expenditure.

5 Reasons to Gamify your Trampoline

Following the recent product launch of the JumpGames, we thought it would be a great opportunity to explore the idea of gamifying your trampoline.

Following the recent product launch of the JumpGames, we thought it would be a great opportunity to explore the idea of gamifying your trampoline. Gamifying may sound like a made-up word, but trust us, it isn’t. Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles to a non-game context, such as your trampoline.

JumpGames Set on display, showing Giveaway prize.

To celebrate the launch, we’re also giving away a JumpGames Set, to enter you simply have to head over to our Facebook, and comment below.

Giveaway prize, showing the JumpGames Set.

JumpGames, the new product from North Trampolines, can turn your trampolines into an outdoor gaming destination. You can play alone, play it with friends, or challenge yourself against the world as you level up and improve your score. The JumpGames sound effects, commentary, and music will get you jumping like never before. It is like being inside a game, but being outside enjoying all the benefits that come with physical movement outdoors.

If you’re still wondering why anyone would want to add more technology into their kid’s lives, we have explained 5 benefits of gamifying your trampolines with the JumpGames.

1. Movement Helps Brain Function

Exercise has been referred to as “Miracle-Gro for the brain”, due to the role that it plays in stimulating nerve growth factors. Many studies have suggested that regular physical activity will support child brain development by improving memory, concentration, and yield a positive outlook. Research has also found that kids that partook in some form of exercise before school started, were less distracted and more attentive to their schoolwork.

2. Children Already Spend a Lot of Time on Devices

The reality of 2020 is that screen time is a huge element of almost everyone’s life. We all spend hours watching Netflix, playing games, sitting in front of a computer, and on our phones. We are instinctively more appalled by this, when kids are the victims of it. Studies show that kids spend on average 60 hours a week consuming media, while less than 60 minutes are spent playing outside. Or more shockingly, most kids spend less time outside than prison inmates. With JumpGames, we are not aiming to replace that digital connection, but rather replace the screen time with outdoor exercise. It isn’t about attempting to get rid of something that is so deeply ingrained in the child’s life, but rather substitute it for something they will equally enjoy.

3.  We Want Kids to Be Outside and Active

Everyone knows the amazing health benefits of being outside and active regularly. Regular physical activity improves strength and endurance, helps build bone and muscles, and can even help reduce anxiety and stress. All of this is at its utmost importance during a child’s developmental years, which is why we believe so strongly in the products we sell. The JumpGames set is a perfect complimentary item to both a trampoline that is a big hit with your kids, but also for a trampoline that has become a somewhat forgotten garden ornament.

4. We are Embracing Technology

Accepting the reality of the role technology is playing in kids’ lives, is the first step in trying to remedy the issues that arise with it. There is certainly an issue that that most kids would rather move their fingers on a device to watch other kids do something on YouTube, than they would actually move their own legs. We understand that kids are growing up in a digitally saturated world, so instead of fighting to get kids off technology, we want them to go outside with it.

5. It is a Way of Involving the Whole Family

JumpGames is not only for kids, it also comes with an adult sized band which can be enjoyed by someone of any age. The whole essay writing service family can join in on the fun by engaging in a competition with JumpGames. For adults, it can help you get fit without leaving your house, joining expensive gyms, or going for grueling runs.

Be sure to check out our Facebook for more details on how to win!

Handy Maintenance Tips for the Trampoline

In order to ensure the safety of everyone using the trampoline and in particular after a long winter or bad weather, we at Parts for Trampolines have gathered a list of handy tips for maintaining the trampoline to the best possible standard to ensure maximum safety and longevity.  It is possible to replace any damaged or weather worn parts  with us so regular checks are essential to assess the condition of the trampoline for safe, interactive fun and any compromised parts can be replaced easily and efficiently with minimum fuss.  The more you care for the trampoline the longer it will last and will need less work to keep it in great condition.

Top Trampoline Maintenance tips:

  1. In order to protect the trampoline during a harsh winter in particular strong winds and rain it is important to move it to a sheltered place and remove all accessories and store them away.
  2. You can purchase an all -weather cover to protect the trampoline during the winter if you are unable to store it away in a dry place
  3. The things to look out for before you begin to use the trampoline again after a period of non-use are, missing or faulty safety padding, broken or bent frames, damaged , rusted or broken springs, any damage to the jump mat especially the stitching, any holes or rips in the netting
  4. Do not place the trampoline frame on concrete or a hard patio area, a grass or soft surface is best in order to decrease pressure to the frame.
  5. Be sure to check the weight restrictions on the trampoline in order to minimise frame damage.
  6. Do not drag a trampoline as this will bend the frame and legs instead lift it ensuring you have plenty of help.
  7. Ensure the safety padding is loosely placed above the springs and not forced down onto them to avoid ripping the pads.
  8. Remove the padding in bad weather to keep it out of the rain and win and avoid damage
  9. It is important to check the jump mat and springs to ensure the trampoline is in good working condition, remove and objects that may have been left.
  10. Do not allow any jumping on the trampoline if you notice any missing springs, or if they are worn in any way, check the stitching also for fraying
  11. The safety net should have no rips, holes or damage in any way, if you see fraying or loose stitching do not allow any jumping until it is replaced
  12. The trampoline should only be entered and exited using the net opening and should be fully zipped up or fastened after accessing the trampoline
  13. In the winter it is advisable to remove the netting and store it away to keep it from being damaged by bad weather
  14. Do not allow children or jumpers to rebound off the net, sit on it or stretch it

Here at Parts for Trampolines we are more than happy to talk you and advise on how to best care for your trampoline and prevent any excess damage.